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Circle-Products-Icons600Infinity SDC launches new product

Infinity SDC launches new product offer to boost flexibility and transform data centre provision

UK data centre operator Infinity SDC today launches the ‘Infinite Data Centre’, comprising three new models of data centre provision for customers to choose from. The announcement represents a major shift in its operations as it seeks to reconfigure the relationship between provider and customer. The Infinite Data Centre will provide clients with greatly increased flexibility and value, including options to pay specifically for the power they consume, alongside a 0kW commitment.

Infinity’s new model will for the first time provide customers seeking to outsource their data centre requirement with multiple service packages that they can switch between. It will meet the constantly shifting requirements of both existing and future customers. The offer will allow customers’ IT strategy and developments to drive their data centre provision, rather than be locked into fixed, long-term contracts.


The Infinite Data Centre offers three new models of data centre provision to greatly increase flexibility and value for clients.

> The first model is Agile, which completely removes the requirement for any kind of commitment from the customer and provides a vast degree of flexibility. It is specifically designed for customers who have a high degree of uncertainty as to their space and power requirements over the immediate future, such as start-ups, who may be expecting to grow but are unsure as to how fast or by how much.

> The second model is named Burst, and offers a genuine pay-per-consumption offer. It will comprise a standing charge and a per-unit charge based on actual power consumption, eliminating companies having to pay for power they don’t always need and responding much more flexibly to customer systems and workloads that are variable in demand. It is particularly targeted at event-driven companies, those who have natural peaks in their operations and power requirements.

> The third model is Dynamic, providing customers with four platforms that they can switch between dependent on how much power their IT requires at any one time. Customers will commit to a minimum fixed power volume but be able to change, completely flexibly, how much of that power is being drawn at any point in time.


“Demand for IT keeps rising, yet the majority of organisations do not view outsourcing their data centre requirement as the preferred option. Today we are looking to change that.  The data centre needs to act and be perceived as an integral part of the IT stack – responsive to customers’ actual requirement and usage, value-driven and workload-focused. Our new models of provision offer a vastly more flexible, responsive service that represents better value for customers, whatever their requirement, supporting clients whether they’re growing or shrinking, consolidating or experimenting. We want to be far more than a landlord to our customers. We want to become their trusted IT partners, responding to their evolving needs. Today’s announcement demonstrates that ambition, and how we plan to deliver it.”

Commenting, Stuart Sutton, CEO of Infinity SDC


Infinity has traditionally designed, built and managed bespoke, flexible, and tailored data centre solutions to meet large, wholesale demands. Infinity will continue to offer high-quality, secure Tier 3 data centres, while at the same time providing a much more flexible and varied offer to customers.

Today’s announcement comes a week after Infinity announced its trading results from the 2012/13 financial year, which saw the company report a £4.8 million profit.