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The London Data Centre Experts

Tell us about your IT needs

Different IT needs different solutions. Infinity takes a consultative approach to your requirements. We believe that the data centre, as a part of the IT stack, needs to reflect the IT that it supports. Whether you’re looking for a few racks, a dedicated data hall or a fully bespoke data centre, we will work with you to deliver the perfect solution.

Wholesale Colocation, Retail Colocation and Infinite

We are an award-winning provider of Wholesale and Retail Colocation data centre services, with data centre facilities to the east of London. Our resilient and efficient data centres  will minimise your energy costs and carbon footprint. Our innovative ‘Infinite Data Centre’ provides three  ways to consume our data centre services, offering space, power and platform flexibility. 

Whether you require a few racks or a dedicated data centre, Infinity gives you the flexibility you need.


Dedicated halls with resiliency options and a range of densities, pre-built and ready for immediate occupation.

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Quality data centre outsourcing at the rack level to adapt to your evolving needs.

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Provides the flexibility and agility to scale your space and power requirements in line with your IT infrastructure.

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