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The Home of Connectivity

The agility and flexibility you need in the cloud era 

Businesses have an insatiable appetite for connectivity and require a high speed scalable service. Furthermore, data centre connectivity infrastructure is critically important to businesses today. As a result data centres are seeing an increased demand for bandwidth across the metro areas.

That’s why providing our customers with access to one of the richest connectivity environments in the UK is a key part of our strategy. That means ensuring that our customers have the agility and flexibility required to respond to the opportunities and challenges of the cloud era and their IT transformation. Infinity has strived to secure the right connectivity partners, organisations that have invested heavily in pre-deploying high bandwidth infrastructure. This offers our customers the very best connectivity, scalable, high bandwidth connections that provide the reach, diversity and capacity they need.

Infinity offers you the agility and flexibility you need in response to dynamic market conditions and cost efficiencies. Future-proofed communications.


Carrier Neutral

Infinity Data Centres are in accessible and highly connected locations to the east of London, the financial district and the docklands. But we also select our data centre locations based upon connectivity and so it’s not surprising that all of our sites have at least six carriers to site. Many of these carriers are fibre owners with their own dark fibre to site.
If you have arrangements with particular carriers and they are not listed here, there’s a strong chance that they’re only a short dig away. Most of our data centres are alongside major fibre routes and there are a far larger number of carriers passing within close proximity of the data centre entry points. Infinity’s team would love to discuss your carrier needs and identify connectivity options for you.

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Infinity has connectivity over our DC direct connectivity, giving you options for a single supplier multi-site data centre deployment. We can provide you with main and fall-back operations housed in two Infinity data centres within easy reach of the city.



Infinity LINX

Infinity’s LINX vPoP brings first class internet connectivity to your fingertips. Connecting directly to a main LINX operated Internet Exchange Point, Infinity LINX vPoP provides you with reduced latency, increased resilience, improved transit performance and faster internet connectivity. The LINX exchange helps distribute and decentralise peering within the UK, empowering ISPs and network operators to keep local traffic in the UK.

Of course, you’ll also benefit from connection to 520 LINX members across more than 60 countries and be able to and exchange low cost internet traffic in an effective and economical way. That will make you part of a vibrant community of ISPs and network operators, adding to your professional contacts so that you can exchange ideas and expertise with like-minded individuals.

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DC Connect

Providing our customers with access to one of the richest connectivity environments in the UK is important to us.  We’ve partnered with euNetworks to create a European Connectivity Hub on euNetwork’s high capacity DC Connect platform. euNetworks have invested heavily in pre-deploying the high bandwidth infrastructure for DC Connect and the Infinity’s connectivity hub provides you with instant, scalable connectivity to 250 DCs in 16 countries, including 35 prime UK Data Centres and notable buildings.

Pre-deployed bandwidth within the data centre means that you are guaranteed fast provision of high capacity bandwidth, negating the cost and time of fibre digs to site.

DC Connect ensures that you have the very best connectivity. Connectivity between your existing facilities, customers and partners and Infinity’s data centres, allowing you to leverage other services and communities essential to your operations. That includes direct connection into cloud platforms such as AWS Direct Connect & Microsoft Azure. Scalable, high bandwidth connections that provide the reach, diversity and capacity you need for the cloud era, and to support your IT transformation.



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