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Data Centre Contracting & Leasing: trends, issues, blockages

Posted by on June 7, 2016

Data centre advisory and brokerage is a multi-faceted area. It is made up of industry analysts, property brokers, advisors, lawyers, clients and suppliers.

The perception of these specialists is they are just looking for space for their clients at the best price. But behind the scenes there is far more going on.

Many of the leading data centre broker houses are part of larger property agencies such as CBRE, Cushman and Wakefield, Colliers and JLL. They work with office lettings, retail, sale and leaseback, high street, industrial estates, property management, maintenance and anyone else involved in the world of property.

The data centre industry is comparatively new, finding its way within the property market and working with brokers who are more than agents simply seeking to lease of behalf of clients. They conduct market research on all the main markets, they know the prevailing pricing, the data centres with space, power, expansion options and more importantly those without space or options for expansion.

The benefit of working with a broker

Brokers keep on top of trends in the market. They need to know what a hyper scale cloud provider needs, a telco, a bank and also the needs of government departments with significant privacy and citizen data concerns.

Brokers need to be able to negotiate power deals in KWs or MW and space sq meters or feet. They need to understand power redundancy, PUE and how to verify features of any particular data centre operator.

They must see beyond the plans, to complete data centres if dealing with a bespoke shell and core build. Who will commission the data centre, who will operate it, to what standard and who will sign off?

Join the discussion

During a panel session I’ll be speaking with some of the leading advisors and brokers operating in the data centre industry today, and ask the questions most have on their minds, including:

  • Brokers – are they adding value to the market?
  • What are the future trends & developments you expect to see in data centre leasing?
  • How has the datacentre lease changed over the years, what new issues have you seen arise in contract negotiation and what do you expect in the future?
  • Data centre Leasing – what are the current trends in the European main markets?
  • Why are cloud giants using brokers or is the trend changing to a direct model?
  • Who pays for the broker – the client or the data centre operator?


If you’re interested in hearing more please join the conversation at DataCloud Europe, 11.05am on 8th June at the Datacloud Theatre.

Written by Jason O’Conaill @aokcloud


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