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Running your own data centre on campus can be expensive, time-consuming to manage and take up valuable real estate. By moving your IT into a dedicated off-site data centre this enables:

Saving Time & Money
By moving data off-campus, you can free up expensive real-estate for other activities, eradicating the headache of supporting challenging data centre electrical and cooling infrastructure and also enable staff to dedicate more time to core business activities.

On-Demand Data Services
By moving data services away from your campus, you only pay for resources as and when you require them – and you can scale up or down as requirements change.

Controlled Costs
Infinity offers flexible power metering and usage and a mechanism for customers that meet the HMRC criteria to pay a reduced VAT rate for electricity, thereby allowing you to directly control and reduce their power costs.

By using the data centre, you can consolidate your sensitive data in one safe environment.  You can use the facility as primary, or back-up for business continuity.

By hosting IT clusters in one central location, the facility helps to foster collaboration and the effective sharing of important data sets.