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The changes to the economic and political landscape over the past few years have resulted in major changes within the financial sector. These changes have been felt right across the sector including banking and insurance. There has been strong pressure to tighten the regulatory system resulting in demands for increased capital and liquidity retention accompanied by the requirement for improved data protection and physical security. Set against the backdrop of unprecedented technological change, today’s environment poses a lot of challenges for the Financial Sector.

To meet these challenges economically requires greater business agility. So at Infinity we’ve created cost-effective, flexible and scalable IT infrastructures that if provided in-house would require significant capital investment in non-core activities.

Infinity has four quality engineered, secure data centres to the east of London, one of the world’s most connected cities and a major financial hub — the perfect European base for international and UK companies alike.



We understand the data centre issues that many banking institutions face:

High infrastructure costs
Often mid / back office infrastructure is costing more than it should by being charged at front office rates.

Fast changing business and IT requirements
The IT journey through virtualisation, consolidation and adoption of hybrid cloud solutions brings uncertainty and makes capacity planning very difficult.

Lack of flexibility
The ability to scale up or down your server footprint can result in the over provision of data centre infrastructure.

Expensive, high risk data centre locations
Many financial services organisations have their critical IT systems and data located in a high risk zone and struggle to find a cost effective means to relocate it.