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The Infinite Data Centre

Our Infinite product is perfect for companies with changing needs. It provides the flexibility and agility to scale your space and power requirements in line with your IT. Designed specifically to support you through IT transformation, the Infinite data centre truly makes the data centre a part of the IT solution, not just a building where your IT resides.

Three propositions that map to your IT Journey








Benefits at a glance

Lower initial capital investment

Predictable Operating costs spread over a fixed period

More flexible terms

Reduced minimum commitment 

Value-add services to support design, transition and operation





Scale Up, Scale Down

If you are in growth phase of IT transformation, or a start-up that’s looking at an unpredictable growth phase,  Agile gives you the flexibility to grow and shrink your data centre footprint in tune with the changes in your IT estate. Agile can provide you with the flexibility and agility needed to help maintain your businesses competitive edge.


Perfect if you need to:

1.  Outsource a portion of your IT estate as part of a planned migration from in-house facilities.

2.  Migrate additional services into your data centre space and grow your capacity.

3.  Consolidate or virtualise your services, with a net reduction in overall capacity.

4.  Remove all services at some point and want to reduce your capacity to zero without commitment.

How does it work?

You tell us the space you want to commit to initially. You can request more space at any time, delivered within our standard delivery lead-times. If you require less space, let us know. We will reduce your commitment down to your required level.





Pay only for the power you need

It’s common for enterprises to have systems and workloads that are well understood but where the workload is variable in demand (cyclically or erratically).

Now you do not have to pay for power that you don’t always need. Burst is aimed at bringing the overall cost of power provision down. It is ideal for dealing with seasonal peaks in retail activity, or workload peaks during charity campaigns or gambling patterns during major sporting events.



Perfect if you:

1.  Have a stable IT footprint but with a very time variable utilisation profile.

2.  Need your power costs to more closely track workload patterns, rather than overprovision for highest demand periods.

3.  Have multiple development, test and pre-production environments; where you have multiple and staggered development cycles.

How does it work?

You tell us how much power you want to commit to. We allow you to burst over that committed power level. Power is charged at the committed power rate, and burst power is charged dependent upon the usage.





Platforms that can flex to your needs.

Our dynamic offering allows you to redistribute your power commitment across different data centre platforms at any time in the future, should your requirements change. Dynamic is perfect for supporting complex IT architectures such as SDDC,hybrid clouds and people transitioning from private clouds to SDDC. Often organisations have a mix of legacy IT and new platforms that support a variety of applications from mission critical to “can fail”.


We provide 3 platforms:

1.  A highly resilient platform.  This platform is built to meet the Uptime Institute’s Tier III accreditation and is concurrently maintainable.

2.  A high density platform providing up to 40kW per rack for infrastructure with greater power requirements, such as High Performance Computing (HPC).

3.  The Economy platform is based upon a Tier I resiliency standard for technology that has resiliency built in elsewhere in the architecture or where risk assessment shows that an outage is not directly business affecting.

How does it work?

You tell us how much power you want to commit to across the 2 or 3 data centre platforms (High Availability, High Density and Economy). You can request a rebalance of your platforms at any time.


Certifications and standards

Infinity’s data centres are fully maintained and certified to ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001. We provide exceptional levels of service and security.

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