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As a result of regulatory pressures, Insurers are re-thinking their data centre strategies. The need to decrease data risk combined with the economic drivers to lower capital and operating expenditure requires a new approach.



We understand some of the specific issues that many insurers face:

Solvency II directive
Having to make significant changes in information models and corresponding systems to get ready for the ORSA assessment

Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA) requirements
Addressing the challenges of ORSA assessment and data quality management.

New premises
Moving to new premises where the landlord prohibits the housing of IT systems.



That’s why Infinity’s data centres provide levels of resilience and security that reduces the capital value of data risk. Located around the M25, Infinity’s data centres are near enough to the city centre for convenient access while far enough away to alleviate business continuity concerns and avoid high risk ratings. We can offer amortisation of moving costs and a comprehensive IT migration service.

Our Infinite Data Centre product is designed to support enterprises throughout the IT journey. It provides you with flexible data centre power and capacity allowing you to economically manage IT change, reduce operational costs whilst providing total transparency of future costs.

If you would like to discuss how the Infinity can help free up risk capital and help your company along your IT journey, then call the Sales Hotline now on 020 7079 2990 or to take a tour around one of our data centres please use the Quick Enquiry form below.