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Infinity ONE Carbon Neutral Data Centre  Wins Datacentre Leaders Award 

The UK’s first data centre to be powered entirely using on-site dark green energy has beaten off Europe-wide competition for the prestigious “Future Thinking and Design Concepts” Award, presented on Tuesday night in London at the Datacentre Leaders Awards.


Martin Lynch, CEO, Infinity SDC said;

“we are delighted to receive this recognition from the industry, especially from a judging panel which is both knowledgeable and respected within the data centre community. We believe that Infinity ONE is the first workable green data centre solution to address the IT energy challenge as highlighted by United Nations at the recent Copenhagen summit. It delivers on all fronts, from its access to significant and sustainable power resources, its connectivity, its proximity to London and its harmonious integration with both local organisations and in particular, the rural community. Critically, Infinity ONE will allow UK business leaders to reduce their carbon footprint and economic costs from operating a data centre.”


Stephen Worn, a member of the Datacentre Leaders Awards judging panel said,

“the Future Thinking and Design Concepts award aims to recognise and reward the innovation that meets the challenges of tomorrow’s data centre. Infinity ONE demonstrates that data centre computing and environmental responsibility are mutually compatible concepts. It is a welcome development in the light of CRC legislation which will impact the sector in the coming year.”

Situated within easy access of the main arterial routes to the City of London and with excellent fibre connectivity, the Infinity ONE campus provides up to 20,000 m2 technical space in client-dedicated 5000 sq ft data halls. Each will support power density from 1,000W/ m2 to 2,500W/ m2 with sufficient cooling capacity to ensure reliable and efficient operation. The data halls are laid out in a hot aisle/ cold aisle configuration, free-air cooling combines with ground-source heat pumps to allow even greater energy and cost savings.

The new system enables dark green energy to be generated from bio-matter supplied by a local group of cooperating farms. The bio-matter is broken down in an Anaerobic Digestor providing two by-products; methane and a nutrient rich “digestate”. The gas is used as fuel for the highly efficient CHP plant, while the fertiliser is returned to condition agricultural land. An advantageous fit between crop cycles means that both food and fuel can be produced on the same local farmland without degradation of the soil’s organic composition. The organic digestate removes the need for nitrogen based fertilisers and replenishes the essential nutrients and structure of the soil, providing much needed conditioning.

Infinity ONE was conceived as a green data centre campus and the site was specifically selected for its potential to support biomass, wind and solar power generation. The conversion of existing highly secure buildings further reduces the carbon footprint of this essential technological resource which is fundamental to the success of the UK as highlighted in OFCOM’s recent Digital Britain report.