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The new 100MW data centre gorilla

Posted by on October 8, 2013

Not sure a gorilla is quite what Infinity had in mind as a description when I visited their impressive new Slough data centre last week, but it was only when I saw the whole picture about what Infinity are up to these days that the sheer scale of things became apparent.

Clearly invigorated from raising nearly £50m in fresh equity the week before last, Infinity now has enough cash to complete the fit outs of the remaining 30,000 sq ft of capacity left in Romford, the other half of Stockley Park they haven’t sold to CWW/Vodafone and Slough (which is very nice by the way and about as far away from Equinix LD4 as Equinix LD5, which is interesting).  Add up these three sites and you’ve got around 260,000sq ft of net tech or nearly 80MVA according to their figures.

But add in the massive iCity site on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, due to come on line in 2015 and you sail past 100MVA.  Indeed the grand total SHOULD all these schemes come to fruition, is around 400,000 sq ft of net tech or 119MVA.  That’s almost 15% of the entire UK colocation market, or by way of comparison Telecity’s entire European capacity at June 2013 was around 90MW.

I quite liked the refined product set up from Infinity; new capacity is designed around 900kW halls which can easily be sold as whole, divided into “pods” of 60 cabinets or sold on an individual rack by rack basis in “batches” of 60 units.  In Slough they’ve also delivered 20,000 sq ft of office space, as they clearly see the need for service providers to house some technical staff on site.  With the sort of flexible terms and attractive pricing we at Colo-X have been going on about for some time now (eg see my article of last October regarding the wholesale market ) this is a service providers dream.  Oh, and its effectively a fibre cross-connect away from anyone else in LD4 or LD5.  Happy days!

” this is a service providers dream”

Infinity Slough is set to offer a great new alternative for colocation customers wanting a Slough location, but not needing to pay for an expensive and highly specialised ecosystem.  If you’re paying something like £400kW or more (around £1600 per month for a 4kW rack) and aren’t trading equities or FX then its probably time for a rethink, unless of course costs really aren’t an issue.  

Please contact us for further information about Infinity’s new Slough data centre or to discuss the relative merits of all the Slough based data centre options.



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