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Making the data centre part of the IT solution

Posted by on February 18, 2014

Following Andrew Roughan’s ground breaking speech at DCD London in November, Andrew is developing the theme of “the need for change” in his new talk at this year’s Data Centre World. The ‘need for change’ reflected upon the way in which the outsource market had failed to appeal to circa 80% of the UK’s enterprises. These enterprises have their IT firmly tucked away in in-house facilities, whether within wholly owned and dedicated data centre buildings or in IT rooms within their offices. Last year’s speech explored some of the reasons for this phenomenon and promoted some ideas for a positive change toward more outsourcing.

In this new speech at Data Centre World (DCW), Andrew explores the pervasive way in which IT and the digital revolution have entered into our everyday lives. Not that this is seen as at all pervasive to the businesses that have embraced it, quite the reverse. Being at the front of the digital curve has brought untold success to those businesses that had the foresight to embrace high tech as a product in its own right and to those that have been most adept at using it as a business enabler in more traditional industries. Neither does there appear to be an end to the insatiable appetite for data.

‘Making the data centre part of the IT solution’, continues by detailing the changes occurring in the typical IT architecture. These changes are driven by both the challenge of managing the increasing levels of data processing and storage needed to power today’s businesses and the need to reduce costs in an ultra-competitive world. With that change comes an evolution in the data centre with distributed compute spread across a range of private and public cloud services. Andrew details his vision for how Infinity’s ‘Infinite’ data centre is designed to support companies through their IT transformation, de-risking infrastructure investment and facilitating in-life rebalancing of platforms and infrastructure through flexible and agile outsourcing. In short, truly “Making the data centre part of the IT solution, not just the place where it resides.”


Come and hear Andrew’s speech at Data Centre World:

27th February 2014


Data Centres of the Future Theatre

London Excel Centre

E16 1DR


About Data Centre World

Data Centre World (DCW) is billed as the “largest most influential gathering of data centre expertise ever assembled in the UK”. Co-located with Cloud Expo Europe, DCW [26th and 27th February 2014, ExCeL London] is a compelling and practical event for everyone involved in running and building data centres, from server rooms through to Tier 4 data centres hosting mission-critical applications. DCW gives first hand access to genuinely cutting edge technology, bang up to date information. It is a chance to check out how others are facing – and overcoming – the myriad challenges people face in dozens of case studies.


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