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Securing your data centres – an online and on-site challenge

Posted by on October 24, 2018

The prevalence of cybercrime has never been higher – take the British Airways data breach this summer as the most recent high-profile example. Even global social network giant Facebook has kinks in its armour. The threats are growing – whether there are down to user error or sophisticated hacking strategies – and It is estimated that UK corporations, on average, are attacked at least five times a year.

The cost of an online breach can be detrimental, both to an organisation’s finances and reputation, and Gartner has revealed that businesses will spend more than $124 billion on IT security in 2018, with even more being set to be invested next year.

Businesses are quite rightly preparing to prevent attacks because cybercriminals develop more sophisticated data harvesting techniques. However, the importance of protecting the sensitive information stored in data centres from both hackers and physical real-world thieves cannot be underestimated.

How can IT leaders in both SMBs and enterprises juggle their budgets to meet their company’s cybersecurity needs as well as protect the home of vital corporate and customer information – its data centres?

While there is a plethora of cybersecurity solutions on the market to protect business networks and cloud services, physical, on-site protection is required to guard data centres. At Infinity SDC, we are committed to guarding our data centres with advanced on-site security technology to ensure our customers’ vital information stays protected from threats.

By introducing a 24-hour resident security team, managed by the data centre provider, businesses can be assured sensitive information is protected from criminals who are looking to extort, and profit, from it. This sort of protection also includes the adoption of thermal cameras, video analytics, PAS rated vehicle mitigation, resilient recording, access control integrated IP keylockers and 360-degree CCTV. Business can even empower staff to remain secure through access control systems that rely on duel and triple factor authentication methods to ensure only those trusted are given admission to the data centre.

With a holistic approach to security across the business, by combing IT security solutions with physical, on-site, technology for data centres, then businesses can keep their vital information safe from being leveraged against them – or their customers – by sophisticated criminals.