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Telco Services

Infinity Telco, provides a comprehensive range of Telco services at competitive rates bundled to our colocation services.  All fully backed up by Infinity’s customer service management.



Dark Fibre

Ideal if you need to manage the technology evolution on your high bandwidth data connections. Dark Fibre is perfect for your fast growing company whereby your bandwidth needs can change rapidly or unpredictably.

Customised to your needs you can select from simple site-to-site connections to more complex ring or mesh solutions. The active equipment at both ends is installed, owned & managed by you, hence you get to set and manage the bandwidth & security.



Infinity’s Wavelength services are ideal for large enterprises, carriers, and local exchange carriers that need to transport large amounts of data between metropolitan area networks at high-speed. Perfect for data centre to data centre connectivity.


We offer a transparent, low latency, high capacity wavelength service that is flexible & hugely scalable. It is a point to point service at speeds from 1Gb to 100Gb with, typically, interface levels of 2.5 or 10 Gbps . Wavelengths provide a low latency connectivity with network back-haul.



Perfect for organisations with single or multiple sites who require high bandwidth connection and more security than achieved via internet connection.

Infinity Ethernet provides you with flexible, scalable and cost effective dedicated point-to-point connection between two sites or dedicated point-to-multiple-point connections in a metropolitan area. Infinity Ethernet bypasses the public Internet and transfers your data securely over the network. The service can be provided with symmetrical dedicated bandwidth configurable from 1Mbps to 10Gbps.

CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) can be bundled to the Ethernet service as an optional extra.



Tier 1 provided internet service that offers increased reliability, flexibility and scalability. Bandwidth is available ranging from 2Mbps to 100Mbps and even up to 1Gbps or 10Gbps on a fixed rate card on a 12 – 60 month basis. 

Provided over our “Data centre highway”, The service is scalable, flexible and competitively priced.


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