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The never-ending quest for data centre efficiency

Posted by on October 9, 2018

From improving brand reputation, to boosting the bottom line and helping the environment, there are plenty of reasons why efficiency is such an important part of data centre operations.

Cost saving is still – and probably always will be – the dominant driver, with any inefficiencies having the potential to result in overspending on equipment, energy and staffing fees.

It has been recently reported that tech behemoth Google has decided to improve the efficiency of its data centres through Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on cooling the equipment required to store information for all its services.

This two-pronged approach – utilising AI to reduce staff requirements and cooling processes to reduce energy usage –  allows a business to reduce its costs and improve their carbon footprint. However, not all businesses can match the big players’ strategies due to different resources and needs.

It is estimated the UK data centres will be worth more than $135 billion by 2025, so with such a large investment being made in what has become essential equipment to run a 21st century business, finance and IT directors are highly motivated to control their budgets.

While many data centre controllers may be faced with urgent deadlines to find a solution that makes their data storage more efficient, perhaps due to sudden rises in other unexpected costs across the business, the truth is that finding a perfect balance is an evolving process.

It cannot be underestimated how important it is for businesses to understand that what has worked well for rivals may not work for them – each organisation needs a unique answer that suits their objectives. With the constant development of new technologies, gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach.

We have put data centre efficiency at the heart of our proposition, both on a financial and an environmental level, by investing in technologies that keep equipment cool. These include racks containing blanking plates that optimise the air pressure required to cool equipment, as well as CAC (Cold Aisle Containment) systems.

Through these technologies, IT directors start their journey in discovery solutions that meet both financial targets as well as environmental guidelines to ensure their organisations’ data centres remain efficient.