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Total Security

Ensuring security for our customers is at the heart of our business. Our attention to detail means that our customers know every aspect of the infrastructure supporting their data centre is protected at all times and managed intimately by our in-house security management team, who operate separately from site operations, to ensure that quality of service is maintained.

Infinity’s security team take pride in their innovative bespoke approach to data centre security design with a view to constantly leveraging best-in-class technology to support our highly robust processes.


Here are some key highlights which support security at our facilities:

>  The first UK data centre to use SmartWater for forensic property marking which can be extended to our clients

>  24/7 resident security team managed directly by ISDC Security Managers with experience working in the Military, Police and as part of Critical National Infrastructure assets

>  Innovative bespoke security design designed by our own professionals who manage this on a  daily basis

>  Best-in-class technology is leveraged across the sites such as thermal cameras, video analytics, PAS rated vehicle mitigation, resilient recording, access control integrated IP keylockers and 360 degree CCTV

>  Anti-tailgating features are used across the sites such as tubelocks, airlocks and turnstiles in conjunction with biometrics

>  Access control systems using dual and triple factor authentication

>  Proactive system for monitoring and recording compliance by site users

>  Security team trained beyond the level expected by the Security Industry Authority which includes annual refresher training

>  Intruder systems that meet Police requirements and are integrated with other system platforms