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Why data centres should be at the heart of your new year’s resolutions

Posted by on February 8, 2019

With 2019 now in full swing, businesses and organisations are busy outlining what they want to achieve in the next 12 months.

This could be as expansive as improving market share, or as logistical as changing how data is managed. Whether you are looking to further invest in outsourcing to India or obtaining services in London, offsite data centres are a worthwhile consideration as they allow businesses to take on more information, restructure resources and even expand your organisation.

Whatever a business’s resolution for 2019, working with a data centre provider can bring efficiencies, boost capabilities, and also offer essential practicality. It cannot be denied that legacy data centres can hold business leaders back from making the right changes that will help fulfil their objectives. As modern businesses are often in a state of flux, innovation and transformation are crucial to success.  Choosing to work with a data centre provider this year could help business leaders – particularly IT managers and directors – meet the following resolutions:

  1. 2019 will be the year my business makes savings – A data centre can help build efficiencies by storing customer and internal information in one secure location
  2. 2019 will be the year my business achieves market growth – Scale IT resources and comput power in accordance with business performance
  3. 2019 will be the year my business uses space effectively – An offsite data solution will free up space to allow investment in corporate infrastructure
  4. 2019 will be the year my business empowers its staff – Data centres allow for external IT resources to problem solve while internal teams focus on innovation

Adopting an offsite data centre in 2019 could be the ideal solution to ensure your business runs more efficiently, as they are helping hand in reducing costs, growing your company, helping your employees and – ultimately – achieving your business’s new year’s resolutions.